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We all need to keep our distance nowadays. Make sure everybody is on the same page by applying social distancing markings to your outdoor premises to ensure compliance and protect your customers and colleagues.

External markings can be as simple as creating a clear bright dividing line, showing people exactly where to stand or move, or providing instructions to help people keep their distance from each other. We can help with any and all of these, and the results will keep everyone safe.

We have a range of off the shelf markings, perfect for almost any situation. We can also create custom, made to order markings if you want to tailor your messaging or get creative with your designs.

Choose high quality markings that are made to last.

As social distancing becomes the new norm, you’ll need long-lasting external markings on your premises to direct visitors and to protect your employees. Our markings are made from hard-wearing thermoplastic, which will outlast standard paint many times over, keeping your messaging clear and sharp for longer.

We can quote for your own design or you can choose from our ready to go range of standard social distance markings. Spacing lines, footprints and directional markings are the most popular choice for clear and effective social distancing instructions.

Our thermoplastic social distancing markings are suitable for car parks, business premises, school playgrounds, parks, walkways and any other outdoor spaces frequented by people to ensure that they are being used safely.

We use Roads Service Grade thermoplastic material, which means your markings take only seconds to dry and we can be out of your way in no time with little or no disruption to your business.