Q. How long does your road marking material take to dry?  
A. Because we use only Roads Service Grade thermoplastic material which is put down in molten form and goes off immediately, the markings take only seconds to dry. As long as the surface to be marked is clean and clear of obstructions such as parked vehicles, we can be out of your way in no time, leaving your parking area sparkling and fresh.

Q. Can you carry out work in the Republic of Ireland?
We work from a depot in County Down and operate mainly throughout Counties Down Armagh and Antrim. However, we have developed a rate band for significant projects outside County Down, Armagh, Belfast and South Antrim. We’d be happy to discuss your project to see if we can be of assistance so do get in touch and tell us all about it.  

Q. Can you apply your markings in all weather conditions?  
A. While our material is versatile and can be applied all year round, it does not adhere so well in wet weather, or in temperatures below 5 degrees Centigrade. Therefore it is a condition of our sale that scheduled works may be cancelled at short notice if the weather is not suitable for application., This is to protect you, the customer, from having your nice new lines fail. We will find an alternative slot for your work to be completed just as soon as we can.  

Q. Can your material be applied to a concrete surface?
A. Yes. However an additional primer is required to make sure it adheres thoroughly, so there is an additional cost. Marking to concrete MUST be done in dry, warmer weather and so we do not advise marking this surface between the months of November-February.

Q. Can you apply your markings at weekends or after our business closes?
A. Yes, certainly. Our rates cover work between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. However, where required we can arrange to complete your marking after everyone else has gone home. Of course, there will be an additional cost to cover the overtime payable to our operatives. Just ask the office for details (02844831831 Option 1)  

Q. Do you have to remove existing markings before refreshing them?  
A. No, there is no need to remove existing lines unless you want to adjust the layout. We can simply lay a fresh line over the top and it will adhere perfectly well. Voila! Fresh, clean new parking lines, a sure improvement to your kerb appeal.  

Q. The surface of our parking area is a little loose with stones free on the top. Can lines still be applied successfully?
A. If the surface is mostly intact this should not be a problem, but where there is a lot of lolse stone the markings will fail. If you imagine the molten material being oured on top, and then cars travelling on the loose stones, you can see how these will just roll away taking the line marking with them. The result is not a great looking car parking area, we’re afraid. If in doubt about the condition of your surface for marking just ask one of our expert team for advice.  

Q. Can you design a new car park for my business?
A. Unfortunately not. While we are happy to advise in general terms we do not engage in design. However, if you know what you want, we can work from a rough pencil sketch or even verbal instructions. Once again, just touch base with our experts for advice on this.