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From number snakes to sensory trails, from sports markings to Buddy Stops, we can add colour and interest and activity and fun and excitement to your playspace.

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Outdoor education Games 
Playground markings are an ideal opportunity to help children learn whilst they play. Mathematics, alphabet and social skills are some of our playground markings that are designed to help develop the young minds.Using play to help children learn is a great way to make maths more fun and help them remember maths and literacy skills at a young age. Educational playground markings can be used on their own or part of a larger markings installation and are a great way of using empty space in the playground for play and learning.We can supply and install number grids, compasses, maps and data handling sets, clocks and co-ordinates grids and basic 2D shapes as well. To learn though play, why not install a friendly number snake or snakes and ladders game for the little ones?

Get Moving! Games
Physical activity is the buzz-word today, in schools and everywhere else! It is recommended that a child spends at least one hour daily in moderate physical activity, for optimum health. Why not promote good physical health by installing a brightly coloured and entertaining Activity Trail in your playspace? BPF Road Marking can supply any sports pitch, from Netball to Hockey, quickly and with the minimum of waiting time before the kids can enjoy it!

We have games to improve hand-eye co-ordination like Bullseye Target and Number Throw. Other games encourage children to get moving, such as the Fitness Trail and our Shuttle Run markings. We can install Skipping Circles and Activity Wheels, and anything else you think will get those little feet moving. 

Let us help you to promote good physical health among the children in your care, and cover your playspace with exciting and engaging Get Moving! Games. We are proud to support the Daily Mile Initiative which encourages children to walk or run a mile during school hours, to enhance their physical fitness and lift their mood and attention span. We can install a track to fit your playspace, optimisimg every possible corner, so that Daily Mile is a Daily Smile, and everyone knows where they’re going! (link to daily mile already on the page)

Sports Courts
BPF Road Marking can mark out any court required, in coloured or white thermoplastic. Our range includes Netball, Hockey, Cricket pitching Stations, Tennis, Soccer, Rounders, Basketball and, to hit all the bases, our innovative MultiSport Court – to keep everyone happy!Because we use high grade thermoplastic which goes off immediately on application, the time to install these markings is minimised, and the space is ready to use with the least possible delay. We can adapt the pitch marking to suit the size of the space available, so don’t despair if your playspace is not large enough to accommodate a standard sized playing pitch. BPF Road Marking can optimise the space available and give you the best possible pitch size. 

Traditional Games
Everyone remembers playing hopscotch, and skipping, when they were at school! Bring the traditional games back to life in your playspace by installing bright, attractive and engaging playshapes which encourage the children to have a go, to get physical, and to play together. We have a wide variety of Hopscotch Markings available, even a Triple Hopscotch to maximise the numbers of players at one time. Make them scream with the wonderfully thrilling What’s the Time Mr Wolf, complete with a “scary” wolf at the top of the line! Install skipping circles, to encourage team-skipping and friendly play, or why not install our simple yet effective template for Piggy in the Middle, ensuring fair play all round? 

Enhance The Space
Make your playspace that much more appealing with our bright and cheerful decals! We can suppl;y and install a lovely range of playground markings in cheerful colours, to fill those dark little spaces available and brighten them up for little people. Why not install a set of footprints to lead the children to the line-up area? Or one of our lovely set of friendly animal characters, designed to make the children feel welcome and at home? BPF Road Marking work closely with our supplier THERMMARK to provide top quality markings which are guaranteed for three years against manufacturer’s defects. BPF Road Marking promise you will be satisfied completely with our work or we will fix it for you, so you have nothing to lose! 

Imaginative Play Markings
Turn your playspace into a child’s dream space with our clever and exciting range of playground markings from Thermmark. We can install garages, road layouts and train stations, shops and gardens – if you can imagine it, we can install it, so why not get in touch and tell us what you need? 

Inclusive Play Markings 
Make sure everyone feels included in your playspace by installing one of our bright and engaging decals. We have a Let’s Be Friends station, where little strangers can meet up, a Buddy Stop where children can wait for a friend to come along, and even a sensory set, which encourages colour appreciation and engagement through clever flowing shapes.